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Day 2:Keep Going


Today was overall a better day for me. Even though I wrote big things yesterday,I did end up eating lots of indian mixture yesterday instead of dinner and totally overshot on my calorie goals.
But today,
I Wokeup at around 5:00.
Drank my hot water with half a wedge of lemon.
Got half an hour of cardio in with TurboFire Fire 30
Took a bath at around 6:30.
Got ready to go to college
There was no veggies or eggs at home (time to go grocery shopping),so had just 3 slices of bread with 1 tbsp of butter.
Then I went to class at around 8:15. College day went by as usual, walked around,joked around A
But ended up having a plate of ghee rice for lunch,but i sure hope i burned it off at college itself what with all the walking around and goofing around.
Got home and found that the brother, and the new bhabhi has gotten back from their honeymoon trip to munnar and they had brought homemade chocolate,so had 3 pieces of it and two pieces of dried apricot AND mom made this Malabar dish called KayaPola which I couldn't help but have like 2-3 pieces of.
The above is my MyFitnessPal report for today!!
Then mum had kept aside some pieces of fried roe for me (yum!),had that without any rice or anything.
By The Way,Her body is my inspiration for today^^
I sure hope I am done for the day.Right now, I am sitting with a mug of water in front of me to drink whenever I feel like eating.I sure hope I don't end up waking up in the middle of the night and eating something.

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