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Fitness start: Day 1: Healthy Start

This is how my day went,

Woke up at 5.30,
had some hot water with lemon at around 6.00,
browsed the internet till 6:30,worked out till 7.00 and then did some writing work till 9.00.
Had breakfast from 9.00-9.30,
did some chores till 10.00.

Sat on the PC till 11.00,
made breakfast for second brother and sat on the PC and read again till 11:30. (That's already 4 hours I have spend online!! Need to unplug right now!!!)
I helped mum out with lunch till 12:45,
Had a light nap till 1:30 since I have not woken up at 5:30 in a really long time.
Then,I had a lunch of 1 cup rice, 1/2 a cup of yardlong beans and some pickled lemon and some murukku/chakli (not healthy,I know).
Then I just lazed around till 4:30 and now I am seriously considering about working out again.Maybe get some cardio in.Did NOT get the cardio in.
Just lazed around and talked to the folks till around 5.30.
Sat on the PC from 5:30 till now.
Had an apple when I felt hungry at around 7.15.
 My daily calorie intake is 1075 calories and I burned 344 calories from my work out. I am thinking about skipping dinner since anything I eat will cause me to cross my 1200 limit and I do not want that.
I am strongly craving something spicy and heavy and delicious at the moment,like some toasted bread and chicken curry or some warm pasta.But thank god I have neither of that at home!!!and even if I did, I am going to push through!!

So,today's review comes down to:

Good Things:

 Bad Things:

 So overall,today can be declared as a successful day as long as I dont end up scarfing down something I set eyes upon as soon as I am done with this post.

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