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Who Am I Writing For?


Dear Readers,
I have lost my touch.There.I said it. When I was younger, two or three years ago, I had a zeal and thirst for writing and learning and now that I've learnt what I yearned to learn, I have lost my interest in writing. This is the truth,I meant to write and put it out into the world on the first of January,and I am 13 days late. That is how uncommitted I am. I am uncommitted and unproductive. The difficulty of being a college student!*Sigh*

The truth is that back in the day,I used to write for myself.But these days,I write only for the sake of writing,and that too for the readers.This is the reason why I have lost my zeal for writing. I need to make writing something I enjoy and look forward to again.
Anyways, I have decided that I need to start writing again, and properly. I am going to attempt writing everyday, with the exception of exam time. I am going to try and write everyday about my daily fitness, and fashion trials and beauty experiences.
Starting tomorrow,I am going to follow my new year's resolution of becoming more healthy.
My other resolutions include:
Let's see how all this goes from tomorrow.

See you all tomorrow!! (hopefully)

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