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Loreal Kajal Magique:Supreme Black(?)

The Loreal Kajal Magique claims to be "darker than night" and that is "supremely" black and claims to last 12 hours and that it is smudge proof,waterproof and non-transferable.
(Read The Press Release Here).

But Does It Stand upto the claims?
Is it worth the Rs.245/- you shell out?
Does it last the 12 hour claim?
Can it replace your trusted Lakme Eyeconic/Maybelline Colossol/Colorbar Kajal?

and maybe...

I am not saying that it is an altogether horrible product, but I have to say that it does not stand upto the claims. It is NOT supremely black at just one swipe,it maybe "somewhat" black after 3-4 swipes and it is NOT darker than midnight,it may be smoky as a factory exhaust.
See Below:
Please excuse the eyebrows,I am growing it out to get reshaped!!!

The above picture is taken without flash after 3-4 swipes.Notice how it looks rather smokey and hazy.

Here is another photo taken with flash after two additional swipes.

Now Here Is My Final Verdict:
Final Answer to the question: Can it replace your favorite kajal?
Not for me.
I am still depending on my favorite Lakme Eyeconic to sport with my everyday college makeup. 
My next post will probably be about my everyday college makeup!!
Thats all for now!!

Note: PR Sample (Honest Review,See Disclosure policy for more details)

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