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Festival de Cannes 2014: Our hopes and expectations + A Walkdown memory lane

I am not a big movie lover. Sure, I cannot stand crappy movies and is a big fan of talk-y movies like Before Sunrise, Liberal Arts and The Man from the Earth. But I cannot figure out arty-arty movies at ALL! So, movie awards are not really my cup of tea. I cannot figure out whether a movie was award worthy or not, for the life of me. But I cannot keep away from award nights either. I live for the glitz n glam of the Oscars, the theatricality of the VMAs and of course, the best of the best- Festival de Cannes. And it's almost time for this year's Cannes!

It is going to be held from May 15-24 2014.
I saw the beauty promo pictures released by L'Oreal with Sonam Kapoor, and I was blown away! This look just might be the best yet and it has gotten me all excited for this year's awards. 

As we are getting ready to see the best of the best, including Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai strut their stuff, exhibit the best of makeup form L'Oreal. Let's have a look at some of the most talked about Cannes outfits of last year from our Indian Stars on the carpet.

Okay,  let's get the worst ones out of the way first. Vidya Balan at Cannes 2013 in Sabyasachi! (Also, Aishwarya Rai in black and gold Sabya Lehenga/sari)

Nobody expects anything that chic from Vidya Balan, or Aishwarya Rai considering their then recent obsession with Ethnic wear. But everyone still expected them to bring something new to the table, considering how big of a deal Cannes really is. But we were all so disappointed. More so about the fact that our ethnic wear king- Sabyasachi was the cause for this atrocity. Malika V Kashyap at Mumbai Boss even wrote an open letter to him, and went so far as to say:
"It’s not that we don’t applaud your efforts bringing craft and textiles to the red carpet, but we disagree when you say, “We are looking forward to bringing back what India truly stands for.” Because what India stands for is more than, in your words, an “entire wardrobe of floor-length Anarkalis and woven saris without any fashion connotations”. Which, by the way – is an oxymoron. A wardrobe always has fashion connotations, whether you want it to or not."
I sure hope we get to see something more radical and less conservative from our stars on the Red-Carpet. I mean, I tried making a collage of her outfits from 2013,and look how that turned out:

You can't even figure out the difference between the outfits!

How bout we get to see something more impressive from our stars? Maybe Vidya Balan in a nice fitted gown, like the Nikhil Thampi she wore on the cover of Marie Claire India, back in May 2013 (By the way, RIP to Marie Claire India).

We would love to see Ash back in her old times glory, maybe in an Armani Prive, like she wore years ago. But to be fair, Aishwarya Rai did put things in balance when she went for that amazing teal Gucci Premiere gown at the Cleopatra premier.

Now, Onto the good stuff. Two Words! Sonam. Kapoor.

This girl has style, and poise and something truly spectacular about her. She makes up for her bad choice in movies with her superhuman taste in fashion. She gets everything right all the time, that people are willing to let the mishaps slide (*like the monstrous Shehla Khan dove grey lehenga*).
But last year at the Cannes, she pulled out all the stops and gave us some of the best looks we have seen on ANYONE.
In the ascending order of prettiness (I am not rating the Shehlaa outfit here):
Now, what would we like to see Sonam in this year?
Personally, I would love to see her in a fitted sexy dress, something less girly and fiercer. Something that could make her look like an award herself. An outfit similar to what Deepika Padukone wore to the Filmfare awards (but no gold please) would be perfect. But there is only one prayer ultimately;I sure hope there will be no fashion mishaps this year.

As for beauty, I have always been impressed by L'Oreal and their innovative looks. They have already started publishing the looks from this year's Cannes Collection. Including ,the following (and above mentioned) look worn by Sonam. 

On that note, I take my leave,
Here is wishing you a very good end of the month!!  And an even better start of the next month..!

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