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Gold N Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial

So Here it is,
My tutorial in a long long time.
I wanted to do a royal-y looking purple and gold eye makeup for a long time. only while editing the look did I realize that I might have been inspired by Katy Perry's Dark Horse video, and created a more wearable look of it. ( Drop a line if you want me to recreate the real over the top Dark Horse eye makeup ). This was my first win at doing a look with false lashes and not messing stuff up. So YAY for that as well!! :)
Products Used:

  1.  Motives Concealer/primer
  2. Coastal Scents 88 Palette
  3. VOV Glittery Eyeshadow Palette
  4. L'Oreal Kajal Magique
  5. Colorbar Kajal
  6. KKCenterHK Lashes
  7. DUO lash glue
  8. Colorbar USA brushes
Now without further ado, Here we go into the tutorial.
  1. Prime your lids using your favorite concealer or primer. I like to clean my lids using a tissue, dot the primer on my lid, then blend it with my finger tip.
  2. Take a deep purple shadow using a small stiff brush, using this create the shape of your eye. You should join the outer 'v' and your crease. Be sure to draw the crease line a little above your natural crease.No blending at this point.
  3. Next, Take a short,flat shader brush, pick up a nice rich golden shade. It should have a creamy consistency. Pat this on your lid, fill the space left by the outline,we drew beforehand. It should have the look of golden foil. You can even wet the brush to get the desired saturation of shade.
  4. Now, take a blending brush and using the same purple used to outline the eye, slightly blend out the edges to get rid of harsh lines. You can even take a slightly lighter shade and drag out the color from the outer v, a little to the temples.
  5. Lastly, take a large domed brush, and pick up a light golden shade to highlight under the brows. Also use a small pencil brush to highlight the inner corner. (In the photo, I have also lined my eyes).
  6. Take a creamy kajal/pencil liner and draw in your waterline. Then take a liner brush, load up the brush using the same liner and draw wings, both at the bottom inner corner and outer corner. We are skipping lining the top lash line to bring more drama to the look.Just closely tight line the upper lashes, to give the look of fuller lashes.
  7. Next, use your favorite lashes and lash glue and apply the falsies. After the lash dries completely, curl your natural lashes and false lashes together and apply some mascara. 
And you are done with this look!

So there you go,

As for the rest of the face, I would pair this with a bronze-y, contoured face,matte foundation and some really nice neutral lips with a clear gloss on top.

Hope you guys liked this look and found the tutorial followable.
It has been a long time since I have done one, and I guess I have kind of lost my touch.
I am not promising anything about any other looks soon, because I am a master procrastinator, and might not blog for the next month or so. No more empty promises.
So I'll See You When I See You!

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