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Currently Coveting | Hair Makeover


A Woman Who Cuts Her Hair Is About To Change Her Life..
-Coco Chanel

I am always craving for change. I get tired with my look, and with the things in my life,fairly quick. Every time I start something new, I end up wanting to change things. I really am the impatient Sagittarius,I guess. I've always had the almost same hairstyle ever since I was little.Parted to the side, and always in the low ponytail. I am slowly transitioning into trying more styles these days. I recently started wear the front of my hair in a poof, and EVERYBODY loved it. So I am trying new things. 

The other fact of the matter is that, I am really trying to change my life. I want to confess the fact that I am seriously considering about going abroad to do my PG. I mean, it's only going to happen 2 years later. But If I want to do that, I have to get my life in order- better marks, better job performance etc., is the necessary things to get to that dream. I guess changing my hair honestly feels like changing my life to me.

Now How Do I Change My Hair Is The Question!!

I have always had rather wavy hair. If I wash my hair at night and just put it up in a bun or braid and sleep on it, I can easily get curly hair. My hair does take a lot of time to grow out though. I cut my hair last in december and it is growing very slowly. This is almost how my hair looks right now.

So, What I am going to do, is get my hair smoothened,colored and cut!

I will ask the hairdresser to keep my hair at almost the same length,maybe add in some layers, but to add in a proper fringe at the front. I have always wanted it for a long time and the fact is that it is hair after all. Even if I end up not liking it, I can pin it back and it will grow back soon enough. 
Also,I have always wanted straight hair and I think now would be the time to get that since everybody is getting their hair smoothened. You might be a bit confused as to what smoothening exactly is. It is basically a brazilian blowout or something similar to it. You get your hair chemically smoother and straighter and it will remain so. The new hair will grow out in the old texture, but the hair you treated will remain the same.
I am also finally going to get that ombre color I have always wanted. I am going to get  a graduated burgundy ombre at my ends. I actually want really bright ends, but since I live in a conservative Muslim family, the people in the family may freak out if I dye the ends of my hair red.
I don't have an exact photo of all the specifications I want, but here are some samples.
This is the kind of fringe I want,

 This is the kind of ombre I want:
 I would love to have this,but because of the folks, I cannot make it this bright! *sob sob*

And this is the kind of layers I want in my hair. Hopefully, my hair will look like this once I get it smoothened.
Now, You might be wondering where I am going to get my hair done. I have decided on trying out the Q Professional Hair Salon,Ernakulam. It is located near Marine Drive and all the social butterflies of the city seem to get their hair done by Livin John, the resident hair stylist at this place. I will check the place out while getting my hair done, snap some pictures and give your guys a run down of how it is. You can read my review and then decide on the place.

Also, I want to do more local posts. If any of my regional readers would drop me a few comments on what shops/salons/boutiques they would like to be reviewed by me. It would be a big help. 

That's It For Now!

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