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Custom Anarkali Gown Designing- At Zuleiha


 So, This is a sneak peek of what my outfit looked like at the brother's wedding...

You might remember my wedding season ramblings, here.

Well,This is a follow up post, on the works I got done at my boutique of choice, after a whole lot of contemplation. I chose the boutique- Zuleiha ,after seeing their exceptional works. The factor of proximity was also a major reason.
We got both my sister-in-laws reception dress , and my morning function outfit done here. 

What did they look like?

  Peacock Green Anarkali Gown:
For my outfit, I had an idea of what I wanted, but it was completely customized since I was taking tidbits from different designs, and I asked them to conceptualize a design for me, and this is what they came up with.
I wanted something in peacock blue, which did NOT have the usual wide anarkali border, and needed that yoke design of the black design I saw on AZA. I wanted it to be more elegant,less extravagant and I would like to say that they gave me exactly that. I also wanted a dupatta in a brighter shade to make the outfit more striking, without any heavy works and the mango yellow shade is a perfect match for that purpose.

This was the conceptualization part, when it came to the delivery, I have to say, there were somethings I think could have been better.
For example, they used to raw silk material, but since it is a wide weave material, the threads started pulling quite easily and there are visible loose threads just after one wear. For a custom design, I had expected the material quality to be better. But I cannot exactly blame them for it either, since there is also the fact that raw silk has a general tendency to pull on the nearby work.
There is also the fact that when I asked for the work on the yoke, I had expected something similar to the design I had given, which used french knots, but rather, they used a Zari work, that is pretty, but quite different from what I had expected.
I had also actually wanted a peacock 'blue' shade, but they were only able to find a peacock green shade. But that worked out for the better since the peacock green shade looked great against my skin tone.

When it came to the design, my favorite parts were definitely the ghera, that is the bottom part of the design. The flare of the skirt was gorgeous, the butterfly design was exquisite and the borders provided the right amount of expensiveness (*a la Alex Perry) without being over the top.

Electric Blue & Onion Pink Bridal Anarkali Suit:

For the sister in law, I had wanted an Alpa & Reena design to be replicated in electric pink and onion pink. The design was inspiration had a very dull green color that looked very boring and pink accents.It also had large mango motifs done on net material for the overcoat.

For our work, we decided that we did not net for the overcoat since it is almost at a saturation point these days, since all brides are wearing net anarkali's. So we decided to do a good quality Georgette for the coat, and raw silk for the sleeves. The color and design of the accents and borders were kept the same.

I have to say that I was blown away by this outfit. The groom,my brother, thought it looked a little over the top, but when she wore the outfit to the evening function, it looked great. The colors went great together and suited the bride to the T!
I also think that the work on this design was extra great and the works were of great quality.

A word has to be said about these people's stitching. The fitting of both our gowns and the velvet blouse I got stitched there were exceptional. The dresses fit like glove and I think this is the first time my clothes have looked so great on me.
Also, the customer relation and ambiance of the boutique in itself was very great. The dimly lit cozy nook of the building makes it gives a sense of exclusivity that is great for such boutiques. 

So, I give Zuleiha a 4/5 for its great concepts,works and deducts the 1 point only because of the mishap with my material. Otherwise,a great experience. Hats off on the fitting!


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