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Happy Bday Audrey Hepburn!

First up, start listening to this song before reading this post. It can really set the mood.

I cannot believe the fact that GOOGLE had to remind me of my idol's birthday. Today, May 4th is the birthday of the most perfect women, perhaps to ever walk the earth. I have been obsessed with her, ever since I watched Breakfast at tiffany's. There is something ethereal, in the way she carries herself and the way her  unbreakable positivity often breaks the fourth wall and seeps towards us while watching one of her movies.

Her tiny frame, lithe movements and her style that defines classiness, is her best attributes. Her outlook on life, seen through her quotes,help us think about making ourselves a little bit better. Her constant fight for humanity during her later years are enough to inspire any of us. She ended up fighting for her life with a rare form of stomach cancer and died in her sleep at the age of 63.

It is very hard to make up my mind about my favorite scenes from her movie.

It could be the moment when Eliza Doolittle goes to the horse race

or when Sabrina gets her new hair,

Or the moment they get to Paris in Funny Face

It could be the moment Holly Golightly looks for cat in the street,

Or she sings Moonriver on the window ledge,

or opens the door in her blingy eyemask,

or when she puts on lipstick and says, "A girl doesn't read this sort of thing without her lipstick."

 Isn't she just perfection?

If you haven't seen her movies, you need to. Because you are missing out on something truly mesmerizing.

And in her honour, I did a modernised version of her favorite outfit on Polyvore *yes I am addicted*

Audrey Love

Audrey Love by thebabblequeen featured in audrey hepburn style

Thats it for today!! 
 I hope you enjoyed this post. 

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