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Sonam Kapoor on 19-05-2014 at Cannes Film Festival

This day of fashion at Cannes was a day of high expectation and for me, it went from high to low pretty quickly. I loved the press appearance outfits. Both the Elie Saab gowns were mesmerizing and her makeup and hair was effortlessly chic. But I LOATHED the Anamika Khanna, saree-like thingie, the harsh hair and the only thing I liked was the statement necklace and the makeup.

Do you want to know why I feel this way?

So, this was what Sonam wore, to a L'Oreal Paris Promo meet,

And look how pretty she looks! The pretty red color, the silouhette and the earrings are so pretty. He flawless makeup and relaxed hair all screams, naturally gorgeous.

The next look actually seemed Red-Carpet worthy to me.
The pulled back hair, the heavy makeup, the Elie Saab Lilac gown, the drape of the gown, the necklace and the clutch. Everything is so perfect!!
 The makeup seems so flawless.

All this was great, but they had to go and ruin it with the Anamika Khanna, Indo-Western "thingie". I mean, the color looks pretty couture. But the dress/saree whatever it is, is too Haute Couture for an event like this. I hated the silouhette, and the drape and even the material looks very, weird.

If they had done the same look in the same color, with the same blouse, just without the sheer overlay and had draped the saree in the same way, it would have looked loads better. It could have looked very Indo-western, but we could have seen her seen rocking the original croptop better than anyone.

or, she could have worn something like this and looked so gorgeous:

What saves the day, is the makeup and statement necklace of course! I loved the earthy look of the makeup and nude understated lipstick and the matte flawless base makeup. She really looks like a mythological character. The depiction of a goddess. Her statement necklace furthers the same feeling.
BUT, (there is always a but) I hated the hair. It was too clean for my taste. It works with the makeup and neckalce, but does not seem to be working with the outfit for some reason. It they had given her a big low braided bun, it would have looked so much prettier.

So, what did you think of this look?
Let me know!
Wouldn't You?

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