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Ways to style: Black N White Striped Palazzos


I have always been, what could be referred to as- bottom heavy, pear shape, curvy, and so on. But it really doesn't matter what you call our body shape. It is not easy being Bootylicious.There I said It. It can really be a pain to find a pair of flattering pants/ jeans while wondering if each pair you try on, makes your bottom look enormous. So, the latest palazzo trend is godsend for girls, the likes of me. I bought a black and white striped palazzo yesterday and has been messing around on polyvore all day to figure out how best to wear it. I was always scared that I would end up looking like a big tent if I wear it. But right now, I am figuring out that, what matters is the way you put together the pieces you use for an entire outfit. Maintaining the right balance of fitting and detailing is the way to make anything suit you.

Anyone interested in sporting this trend would find this combos extremely helpful.At least I hope so.
Black N White Palazzo

Black N White Palazzo by thebabblequeen featuring Diane Von Furstenberg

I have actually bought a shirt in this exact shade and I do have that check scarf. I think the best thing about this look is its simplicity and the interesting mix of stripes and prints. I have also tucked the shirt in, and belted it up to give it a more classy look. It is paired with a pair of simple heels, and a tasseled sling bag. I would also prefer to accessorize with a simple ring in the same shade as the shirt, and a simple silver watch to got with the laid back vibe.

Black N White Palazzo Red

Black N White Palazzo Red by thebabblequeen featuring black jewelry

This next look has been paired to give a more radical look. I have paired this with red belt, worn over a black full sleeve tee, and paired it with red viscose shawl. I have added accessories as accents. I have chose a sleek black watch, simple black ear studs, a textured black cuff for and a chunky black ring for the jewellery. I have also added a pair of geek-chic glasses (just because I love them) and a simple envelope bag, and a pair of studded Christina Laboutin heels that give the perfect height, and that red colored sole gives an improved effect of the red accents.  

These are  my favorite pairing right now. I am going to mess around with polyvore a little more and try to see if I can wear it in any other way. I think I might actually be getting addicted to polyvore. 

That is it for now!
Let me know how YOU would pair this black and white striped palazzos.

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