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Why Expose?

I read this amazing story on a blog and it inspired me so much that I had to share it and put in my two cents as well..

It goes something like this: 
Fed up with his teen daughter’s wardrobe choice, this dad decided to teach her a fashion lesson she’ll never forget. One evening as the family prepared to head out to dinner and play some mini-golf, Scott Mackintosh’s wife asked their daughter, Myley, to change out of her inappropriately short cutoffs. When she refused, Mackintosh decided to give his daughter a taste of her own medicine by dressing just like her. He cut the legs off of an old pair of jeans and put them on. His daughter tried to remain stoic all through dinner and a game of mini-golf, but finally broke when they made a stop for milkshakes, refusing to get out of the car with him.

“Instead of turning her response and disrespectful attitude into a major battle, I decided to make a ‘small’ statement on how her short-shorts maybe aren’t as ‘cute’ as she thinks!” Mackintosh said. “I know the world has varying degrees of what is modest and what is not when it comes to clothing. In our family we have pretty definite modesty guidelines: No mid-drift or low-cut shirts, no short-shorts, short skirts and we even go as far as saying no sleeveless shirts unless playing sports or on the beach. Having raised four daughters and three sons, I’m a bit protective. Some may call me old fashion, but I call it ‘a dad who loves his daughters’ (and sons too). I know some of you may be rolling your eyes and that’s okay, my daughter does it all the time. I’m a firm believer that the way we dress sends messages about us, and it influences the way we and others act.”

When asked if he got his point across to his daughter, Mackintosh said, “She’s dressed a little better since then, yes she has."

This is actually pretty BADASS of the dad. Although I am a firm believer of live and let live..
I have to say, I am appalled at times and even aggravated by some clothing choices girls make. 
Some people think that you are supposed to dress the way everybody does and disregard all notions of society,occasion, culture and even their own body shape and blindly follow trends.Wearing something slutty just because it is "in" is not an apt justification. 

In our country, there is also the common "pushy parent phenomenon (PPP)". A while ago, I went to Lulu Mall with two of girlfriends and saw this girl, who was about 13-14 wearing a micro mini and a spaghetti strap top and she was probably 5'1'' and about 65+Kg in weight. She looked so uncomfortable even. But, she was there with her parents and they were taking her around like a prized possession. It is a common thing these days to see parents dress their daughters as "modern" in order to show their peers that they are "forward minded". And they'll go :''Babyt dont like all this traditional clothes. She only likes wearing modern clothes.". But who are they impressing in the process? They are only doing a favor to the oglers and doing bad towards their own daughters.

A note from the Men. :P
Another fact of the matter is that,It doesn't matter if you are a guy or a girl, the first thing you judge a person on, is their dressing. First impressions matter. Us girls know that we always judge other based on just a glance and make assumptions. If you are a person who likes to expose, imagine what people might be assuming about you. 
In a country like India, there is very less consideration for women. They are mistreated left and right. I am not saying that "rape" is done due to the way women dress. Men should have more control over their urges and they do, because control is what differentiates us from animals. I  will never say that things like this happen due to dressing because I know such acts can happen to anyone of us,from personal experience.I am somebody who dresses very modestly, and I have had my share of "eve-teasing" and so on.

Trends are just that! Trends!! There is no rule to say what is stylish or not. There is also the fact that there are always ways to sport the latest trends without compromising your modesty.Exposing does not equal to fashion either. It is actually more tasteless than covering up.I love fashion and love wearing my neon prints and Aztec prints. Yes, Aztec print crop tops are the latest trend,but I would prefer to wear an Aztec print maxi dress,skirt or palazzos or even a loose fitting Aztec print crop top over a fitted black inner. Does that make me seem less stylish? I don't think so! Even if it does, So be it!  
Which one do you honestly think looks better?
Sure, you can say that I was brought up with an orthodox mindset- In a small village,in a conservative Muslim family and that is why I feel this way. That I would have felt differently if I was brought up in a metro city where everybody dresses like this. But,It does not matter the reason why I see things a particular way. For me, the fact of the matter is that dressing matters! It is the one thing that can make or break your image. And I would rather be seen as beautiful/graceful/respectful than sexy/hot any day!!

What is your opinion about this topic?

Leave me a comment and let me know. 

I really want to know what you think.

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