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Back When I Started..Blogging...

We all have those stories and conversations. Back when...I was in school..., Back when..I was a kid..., well this is one of such post.
 I guess I am one of those bloggers who started blogging back when beauty and fashion blogging was a novel concept in India. 
These days beauty and fashion bloggers are a dime a dozen and there are events and perks focused just on them. 
But around 5 years ago, things were a lot different. 


Back when I started blogging, 
 the only blogging platform everybody was on, was blogger. 
The maximum extend of social media and promotion,were Facebook. 
But back then, it was personal profiles we added fellow bloggers on.
We formed human (albeit virtual) bonds over our shared interests. 
There were no blogger groups/ fan pages and certainly no beauty blogging "companies".
We had group chats and gossiped in each-others' comments sections.

Our posts were mostly rants, 
the photos were crappy, 
the editing was zero 
and nobody even cared about watermarking,
 because..well, the pictures were C.R.A.P.P.Y.
The posts were general babblings and lemmings,
about our recent purchases and how they elated us, 
or disappointed us, 
how we were excited about our giant hauls, 
and how much we loved our relatives who bought us goodies back from abroad. 

When I talk about all these things, I have to talk about the girls who were here since the beginning. The ones who are all blogging giants now, I guess. 
Forgive me ladies, I hope you have not forgotten me.
Forgive me, because I didn't make it big. 
The impossible feat of completing my schooling got in my way.

Cynthia Z, the perpetually pretty girl, 
the lower of bows and all things girly, who hated the folks who misspelled her last name.
Rati T, the current QueenB of the blogging world,
who was fondly known as poutmati, for her ceaseless pouts.
Ankita, the IITian,who loved chambor and all things coral, 
and still does with a lot of passion, I guess.
Mehak, the cute girl who loved her blushes and her Bollywood gossip,
Of Peaches and blush.
Ki, the beauty lover, who tried to write regularly, 
but something always got in her way( like getting married, or pregnant for instance),
remember, my skin but better,hun?
and, Rima K, the sweetest girl I met,
who wrote a sad eulogy and left the world of blogging,
because it got too bitter for her.

This post, is written just because.
When I left the blogosphere to attend to things that need attention,
I had hoped that the blogging family would have remained just the same.
But it has gotten wider than I can comprehend
and the thought of making personal connections seem almost absurd.
So this is an ode, to the good ol' days.
To crappy pictures and stupid themes.
To amateur bloggers and real connections.


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