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Celeb Love| What do you think of Alia Bhatt? + Some NEWS about her!

How much did you HATE Alia Bhatt in Student Of The year? I know I did!
I even said her eyes looked dead! 
I confess!!

And what did you think about her in Highway and 2 states?

Did you love her?

I know I did!! 

I recently watched 2 states and Highway, and I have to say,I was absolutely blown away by her performance.And more than that, I realized just how gorgeous she truly is. I think her biggest achievement was doing the "Shanaya" character in Student of the year so well, that people (including me) actually took her for an airhead. Then, she did a complete 360 turn around and  did her roles in Highway and 2 states with talent that far exceeds her age.

Most of all, I fell absolutely in love with her, after seeing how adorable she looked in Highway and how gorgeous she looked in 2 states.

Her hair,makeup and fashion choices in 2 states were like a breath of fresh air. She truly is the gorgeous girl next door!
While watching the movie with my best friend, I couldn't help but keep gushing about how gorgeous her hair looked throughout the movie. I am sure it got on the other people at the theater.

As the lucky owner of such a gorgeous mane of hair, it comes as no surprise that she has been picked by Garnier fructis as their first ever brand ambassador. She truly loves her hair and it sure does reflects that. Watch the following video from Garnier to hear the cutie herself tell how important her hair is to her! 

And what does Alia have to say about her hair?
“My hair is very important to me and I only trust
Garnier Fructis which has always been my favorite shampoo. I love it's fruity, long lasting fragrance and the way it leaves my hair feeling nourished and strong. The new Garnier Fructis shampoos & conditioners have been specially developed for Indian Hair. I hope every girl using Garnier Fructis benefits from it the way I have”. 

Speaking about interesting #HairAffair stories, I was always one of those girls who used to have really unruly hair and I always wanted straighter hair. So guess what I did to it, to make it softer? 
I put some oil in it and went outside into the sun, on the recommendation of my (evil) cousin. Contrary to say, I was left with curly AND oily hair and got some fever to add to the mix from all the sweating. 

I have also done the mistake of cutting my own bangs, (way too short,of course) back in fifth grade and ended up having to  pin it back somehow to look "almost" presentable.

I have also had some good times with my hair though, I  once asked my elder brother to help me tie my hair using a hair tie, since I had mehendi on both my hands. And can you guess how he goes about doing it?
Clue:  It was not like in the following picture!!

My poor brother tried to put the scrunchie from the bottom up, as if he was trying to put on a bangle on my hair. Suffice to say, I was in peals of laughter and I still look upon that memory with a lot of joy!!

Anyways, those are some of my favorite hair stories. I am sure almost all of you girls have some childhood story related to your hair. Let me know in your comments below!!

Also, Who else is looking forward to seeing a totally filmy,bollywood Alia and Varun Dhawan in Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania ??

I am sure it will be entirely cliched, but that's Bollywood,right?

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