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My Cannes Red Carpet Worthy Makeup Look

 I know that this post has been WAY delayed and almost all of us are losing our Cannes fever already.
But I wanted to do this look featuring my best friend-  Amy, you might have seen her eyes being featured in one of my most popular post on finding your signature eyeliner style.

But you know how hard it is to find time to meet up,if you have both started going to different colleges and is moving forward in life differently. I am actually pretty sad that this girl will be a whole world away when she goes to Canada to start her Under Grads, this fall.
 Anyways, I wanted to do a look that was red carpet worthy in my opinion and this is what I came up with. 
How Did I do the look? 

 I used the products, L'Oreal Moist Mat Lipstick in Lincoln Rose and Gelmatic eyeliner in Turbo Turquoise.

I was provided by these two products from the L'Oreal Cannes L'Or Lumiere Collection.It came in a really pretty golden colored makeup bag and with a CD that contained a personalized invite from Sonam Kapoor, saying that she looks forward to seeing my recreation of the look and also the look-book for the collection and how-to on the looks.

Now, How did i actually do the makeup?

Well, I first applied an eyeshadow primer and sweeped on a little bit of neutral brown shadow all over the lid and a highlighter shade right under the brown bone. Then,I used a normal gel eyeliner and a liner brush to create the shape of the black eyeliner first. I lined the upper and lower lash line and winged it both out, keeping the bottom waterline bare. I then used the Gelmatic eyeliner to create the turquoise shade. Then I applied a basic black mascara and eyelash curler to finish off the eyemakeup.

This eyeliner is perhaps, the smoothest eyeliner I have ever used on the waterline and it stays put!  The shade-turbo turquoise is an exquisite shade and the pay off is amazing.
Since the color on the eyes are not that over the top,  I decided to use the Lincoln Rose shade, which gained popularity as you may know well, as the shade Aishwarya Rai wore at the 
Deux Jours, Une Nuit Premier.

I think the specialty with this lipstick is that it tends to look different with each wearer, and suit the wearer to the T. It also goes on buttery smooth and is indeed the most moistoruzing matte lipstick I have tried so far. Since I have full lips, I prefer matte shades over satin/glossy finished, but I end up using them anyways because they moisturize my lips better than the normal matte ones. I think this range just may put an end to that. 

So, this is my take on a hypothetical Cannes Red Carpet makeup look. Hope you liked it!

Let me know what you think about it!

PR Samples used!

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