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I am Sonakshi Obsessed!

Have you ever thought about which celebrity you would consider your soul sister?
Or which one you could easily be best friends with? 
I know I may come off sounding incredibly star struck for thinking about such superficial things, but I have given some thought to these questions and for me,
the answer is Sonakshi Sinha. 

Ever since I saw her in Lootera, I have been in love with her. 
If you ask me for a reason, I will have to you numerous answers. 
This is my ode to Sona and a call to fellow Sona-lovers out there. 
 Warning.. If it is not already evident.. This post is SonaPic Heavy.. :D
Dil Yeh Dhokha Dhadi Kar Dhega Socha Na Tha..
Tie Dye Dress From KOOVS.com
Come join me in being #Sonaobsessed.
Her acting in Lootera is perhaps the first reason that had I hooked to her, I loved watching her over and over again.The subtle nuances of a pure love, she so carefully portrayed in each glance and silent exchange had me falling in love, right along with them.

Once I started seeing her, I could not have enough of her. 
Her chatpatta character as Rajjo in Dabbang,
 and of course, her pairing with Shahid In R..Rajkumar. 

The songs “Saree Ke Fall Sa..” and “Dhokha Dhadi..” is still stuck in my head. 
Saree Ke Fall Sa..Kabhi Match Kiya re...

The way she does her dhumkas and jhumkas in Saree Ke Fall Sa.. made me want to be her.

After that, I started watching her interviews and her off-screen personality is even more ravishing-Bubbly, energetic and totally bindaas. 
She loves being the classic Indian beauty. 
The fact that she finds immense pleasure in being the style icon for the normal Indian girl sets to be an even better idol. 
Red Abujani And Sandeep Khosla Outfit, Styling By Sakshi Mehra

Oh, and that brings me to my next reason for loving her. 
She is the ultimate queen of wearable fashion. 

She wears clothes that are modest, chic and affordable. 
The various outfits she had worn to promotional events are a great source of style inspiration. 
Some of the outfits she has worn to promotional events are even from KOOVS.com and so on.
Warehouse tapestry dress from koovs.com and Zara boots

Although credit goes to her for pulling off such great looks, I also have to mention her stylist Sakshi Mehra, whose works with Sona keeps going back to her instagram (@sakshimehra) page over and over.
 Her amazing outfits paired with equally striking beauty looks, her appearances always keeps me impressed.

Her long luscious hair, amazing skin and striking features also sets her on a pedestal for me.   
Her beauty is the biggest inspiration I take from her. 
The way she carries herself with grace and poise is amazing. 
I think I am yet to see her getting a beauty look wrong. 
The way she keeps her skin so clear is amazing.  In her interviews, she always credits flawless skin to hydration and physical activities.

That reminds me, she is also my fitness inspiration. 
She was always hounded for being overweight, even though she lost 30kg prior to her acting career.

But compared to the waif like structure of normal Bollywood beauties, Sona is unapologetically voluptuous, and she took a lot grief for that. 

But she has never been heard saying something in retort to these spiteful comments. But, slowly everyone can see the result of discipline and dedication to physical fitness in her recent outings.

 She has also mentioned that she is not getting fit for the sake of being thing, but for the purpose of being healthy and fit. 
She has been quoted to say that she “follows a healthy diet, doing cardio and lifting heavy.” 

And her results are for the world to see. 
Like she said...” Train in silence, let the results speak for themselves.”

With so many reasons to adore her, Can anyone give me a reason not to?

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