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Diet | 3 Day Military Diet Trial


So, I have been reaaally lacking with my weight loss trials. Here is a bit of a confession. I slaved for a year and lost 10-12 kilos and gained it all back in the next 6 months in a snap. Right now, I am trying my level best to lose atleast 10 Kilograms, before hitting my 20th birthday on December 7th this year. My plan is to start off with the military diet for the first three days, starting 20th October 2014.

Now what is this diet, and how did I go about it?

Original Diet Plan :

What Did I eat?

Day 1: Breakfast
Day 1: Lunch
Day 1: Dinner
Day 2:Dinner
Day 3 : Lunch

How Did I feel Each Day?

Day 1: 
I had my morning breakfast a little late at around 11.00, and its almost time for lunch now, and I dont feel hungry at all. It was a bit hard to drink down the solution of baking soda and water which was substituted for the grapefruit though. I started feeling light headed around noon and ended up eating one cracker because I felt lightheaded. I had a lot of water, and was not really feeling all that hungry through out the day. At around 6:30, I felt hungry and I had my yogurt+fruits+honey at that time. Around 9:00 I had my dinner of 1 cup of chicken. Since I did not feel all that satisfied with it, I had a cube of cheese and one cracker at night. I also had 2-3 pickled amla just for a taste and since my mother keeps swearing it is good for weight loss.
Day 2: 
I woke up bright and early at around 8:00 am, did my chores and had my breakfast at around 9:00. Although I am eating less, I actually think I feel more energetic now. I am not hungry at all, even though I have not had my allowance of half a banana. I seem to be coming down with a case of majorrrr cold though, which scares me since I will feel like eating something hot and soupy, like soup. :(
I was actually going to adjust the lunch with the processed cheese I had at hand, but my mother told me that I can take the milk at home and make cottage cheese out of it,if i want. which is what I decided to do. I got around 3/4th of a cup of cottage cheese by curdling the milk with lemon and I added a generous amount of salt before straining it. It ended up being perfectly tangy and salty. I had this with 5 crackers and a boiled egg. 
For dinner I had one cup of chicken (again), because I didn't have any hot dogs at hand, a black tea and 2 crackers. I know I am not EXACTLY sticking to the plan, but I am eating things of the allowed substitutions. I had this around 8:00 and around 10:00  I started feeling hungry and had my fill of 1 cup of yogurt, 1/2 a banana, 1 tsp of honey and a pinch of cinnamon.
Day 3: 
Well, I woke up today morning, and I weighed myself and I saw that I have lost half a kilogram!! It has been two days and I lost 1/2 kg!!!  and I did end up having a south Indian tea shop snack which my mother had brought yesterday, while I stayed up late to study.  If I had had a little bit more of self control, I could have lost more than 1/2 kg. :( But, today morning, I am having 5 crackers,s cube of cheese and a boiled egg.
For lunch, I am not usually hungry, so I am having 1 slice of toasted 7 grain bread and apple But today, I feel strangely hungry and I am confused whether I should eat something or try my level best not to.  Well, I ended up eating one slice bread, 4-5 crackers and a cube of cheese for lunch. I almost ended up eating rice and chicken curry at this point, but I somehow resisted the urge!!
Right now, my cousins are coming over, and mom is buying all these fried food and I sure as hell hope I can resist the urge to indulge. Just a few more hours I have to push through, and I am out of it.
For dinner, I had some pieces of beef and that was it. I did consume some tapioca and all that.

What was the result?

Expected Weight loss after 3 days? : 3 kg (claims to help to lose up to 10 lbs/5 kg in 3 days)

Starting Weight : 74.4 Kg

Weight on fourth day: 73.2 Kg!

Weight Lost: 1.2 Kg (or  2.6 lbs)

So, I did lose about half the amount of weight they had claimed. I guess that is good enough. I know that I did not follow the diet to the T and even this much of a result is a big deal.
I think the main point for these diets is that they are so stringent that you get used to eating with a control and learn to be on a schedule for eating. I am finding it hard to get back to dieting like I used to, so I am trying to transition into that control by slowly doing smaller diets.

The next diet I am going to take on will be the 7 day GM Diet and I will be doing a similar Diet Trial for it too.

I hope this article was useful to someone among
you, and till next time!

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