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Look Good, On A Budget


Everyone wants to look stylish and put together. That is a universal truth. But not everyone has the sources to buy the latest trends. So they think that they have to make do with what they have and succumb to basic wardrobes that does not show off their tastes. But the truth is that, when it comes to fashion, money does not really matter. What matters is your taste.  You may have fewer numbers of clothes, but if they are the right ones, being stylish is easy. Have a look at these following tips to figure out how to dress stylishly, within your budget.

What To Buy

1.       2 pair of jeans- a black and a dark blue wash
2.       2-3 basic solid color camisoles - black, white and nude shade
3.       Some basic t-shirts, kurtis and tops.
4.       One or two good basic dresses
5.       At least 2 patiala bottoms- in black and white
6.       At least one classic anarkali suit

For the guys, this could be 2 pairs of jeans, some basic T-shirts and casual shirts, one or two pairs of formal trousers, good set of kurta-pyjama and maybe even a sharp blazer.

Where To Buy/How To Buy

Making the most of your purchases                                   

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