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Pinterest Favorites of the week

Since I am in the middle of exams and dont have the time or focus to blog right now, I will just leave you with my favorite pins on pinterest from this week! OOh..and make sure to follow me at

You know I've been on a healthy kick lately, and hence Oatmeal has been my favorite breakfast for a while now. This is a link to shape magazine's slide show of yummy savoury oatmeal recipes!! Nom Nom!!

Two words: Much needed

Rough and Tough.. Fierce Feline Makeup!! 

I am currently in the process of finding/getting a long perfect tulle skirt for christmas celebration at college this year and this outfit was seriously my inspiration! But I plan on flippng the combo and pair a red skirt with white sweater and a Christmas themed scarf to match.

I have been cribbing to get my hair colored since I got it smoothened in July..and the current Sombre (Sobre Ombre) trend seems right up my alley!! I love the cut and hair color done on this girl, and is considering getting it done. I know it is not really sombre, but more like a sobre highlights, But I loveeeee this one!!

Thats all for now!
Please bear with me while I study Bernard Shaw, Public Economics and about Ethics and Technology.

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