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Fashion|THE Guide to Farewell Party Fashion 2015

 It is that time again when academic years are winding up and the senior students are getting ready to say their goodbyes. The official farewell ceremony is of course the most important part of the years of study. The students and teachers will probably remember a person as they looked at this event and so there is the pressure to look everyone’s best.

This event certainly calls for formal outfits, so showing up wearing jeans and nice shirt or top is not a viable option.  For guys, it could be quite as easy as lending a suit, or buying one (it is an investment for future purposes).  For girls, the two main options are either to go the ethnic route and wear a nice sari or churidar/anarkali suit or wear a dress or gown. But everyone strives to look unique and that is where the confusions crop up.

There are a lot of trends that can guide you, but the end look depends on personal taste, style and preference.

The decision of whether to wear ethnic or western gowns falls entirely on personal taste. However, there are ways to make each outfit as unique as each person.

•If wearing saree, lehenga or even churidar a unique draping of the pallu (or dupatta) can reinvent the whole look. Use accessories like belts to something extra to the look.

•When wearing gowns, make sure to get a design that is sure to look unique. Preferably try to get custom made, or stitched.

•The outfit can be amped up by wearing the right accessories like headpieces, cuffs, earrings, necklaces etc. Just make sure not to wear big maang tikkas or necklace and jhumka set etc. It is a school/college function, not a wedding.

•Pay the most attention to doing the hair and makeup well. Doing it well does not mean going overboard.   The best look to go for is the “no makeup” makeup look. It should not be apparent that you have put on makeup, and you should look your best self. By the way, If you'd like me to do a guide on getting the no-makeup Makeup look right, do leave me a comment! :) 

•Hairstyles can be decided according to the outfit, but the look should look natural and effortless, looks that are too elaborate will make it seem like one has tried too hard.

•Bear in mind that elegance is the classic look that everyone needs. Do not wear skirts that are too short, or necklines too low, or materials too sheer or clothes too tight.

All this said and done, do not overdo the look. Make sure that the outfit you chose is comfortable enough to have fun in.  Also remember to put any differences behind and say your thank yous, good byes and sorries at this event.

You are parting ways and life is just too short to hold on to petty rivalries and high school dramas!

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