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What I Wore:To My Cousin's Wedding! Wedding Guest Outfit!


Whoa! That lehenga is so heavy how do you even manage to keep that on?”

“Has the corporation people hired you to be the official sweeper for the hall, with this sweeping long Anarkali?”

“What happened to your eyes, with that black shadow around it, I thought you were feverish or something”

And when you get tired of all the above comments, you wear something simple and then, the classic:

“Wow, you always go for the simple look, huh?  Could you not have gone for something with a little more bling no? It’s a wedding after all!”

Being a wedding guest is not that easy when you live in India. You need to be camera confident, but not too over the top. You need to look decent in front of the elders yet can’t let yourself not seem trendy in front of your cousins. Treading the fine line between being too outrageous or too simple is quite a big adventure. And I know none of this intro is necessary for my readers who have gone through all these dilemmas while picking out your “guest look” outfits and makeup.

As it is already evident from the above comments I have experienced through out my life, I in NOWAY claim to be a pro at nailing "guest look". But recently at my cousin's marriage, I believe I managed to achieve that perfect look for once and I just want to share it with my lovely readers! :) 

This outfit was purchased as a ready to stitch churidar set from Milan Designs, M.G.Road Cochin, and stitched at Tarot Designs, Convent Road. 

The Accessories: 

The Makeup: 

My makeup look for the night included a sparkly gold smokey eyes, with peacock green eyeliner on the bottom lid and and a pink lipstick.

Anyways, that is all for now! Keep tuned for my post on what I wore and how I did my hair , Not to mention all the juicy details on the brides makeup and outfit details and makeup for my younger brother's wedding.

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