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Cupik Design Planner Review | Stationery Love


Just like most girls who loves the world wide web and all the new things it holds, I have been bitten by the planner bug. I had contemplated everything from printing out one from the thousand and one printable available online, to making a notebook into a planner, to ordering one online(Erin Condren!!!) and FINALLY thanks to my friend (Shana you saved my sanity) I found Cupik Design

and their customizable planner and took the plunge. Want to know how this planner holds up in my opinion? 

Read On!

By the way, if you want a list of options on the current planner and planner supply options available in India, head on over to my article at PolkaCafe here.

Brand Introduction: 

Cupik Design is the sole effort of Sheetal Goel, a marketing professional turned entrepreneur. According to the owner herself-
What began as a personal fascination for kids’ stationery has grown faster than expected!! Today at Cupik Design, we specialize in creating premium personalized stationery and gifts for kids and grown-ups. We offer a whole range of cool stuff like name stickers, gift tags, envelopes, wrapping papers, notebooks, sketch books, bag tags, bookmarks, list pads, planners, phone cases and a whole lot more!
Price: 1550 INR


  • A5 Size
  • Customizable Cover 
  • 27 Cover Design Options
  • Ring Bound
  • Sturdy Outer Binding
  • High Quality Paper
  • Undated 
  • 150 Pages
  • Monthly View 
  • Weekly Planner
  • Notes Section
  • Quote Separators
  • Free Planning Goodies- I got 3 Sheets of Stickers, Cute Pen, Pencil,Eraser and A Bookmark!


I ordered my planner on November 20th, got the confirmation quickly and the planner was delivered on November 28th as said by them. The planner was packaged neatly in a sturdy cardboard box which can definitely be used again. The box included the planner, a clear pouch with a fluffy pink pen,colorful pencil, eraser, sheet of four sticker sheets, and a cute fish bookmark. I got down to filling in the basic sections of the planner such as the about page and then writing down the first month, which was December using the 2016 calendar added to the inserts. I have been using this planner for nearly two months now, and although I do love it, I do wish they had more inserts for different purposes, or atleast the option to buy extra inserts, and they had the Sunday and Saturday together so that it made it easier to decorate and plan the weekend together.I have moved on from using normal pen in my planner, to using a colour system to track different aspects of my life using different pens, using washi tapes to add the date header and to add flags to mark these color coded life aspects. 

My Current Front Separator

The First Page

  Monthly View

Weekly Layout

Notes Section

Quote Seperators

  • Compared to other brands available in India, or ordering from international shops online, Cupik Design is a lot more affordable at 1550 INR for all things that one receives. 
  • Customization option can say anything you want from Fathima's Daily Planner 2015-16 like mine says, to "X's plans for world domination" "Y's Year Of Wonderful Things", or "Z's gets her freak on in 2016". The options are completely endless! :) 
  • The Ring Bound design makes it easier to add on other inserts, maybe printables to supplement the planner. 
  • The A5 size favored by a lot of international planner brands is indeed a great thing as it is small enough to put into any normal size handbag but not so small that you have to cram in your details in to your planner.
  • The monthly and weekly view both comes with a space to add notes or stuff to do this week, which I always end up using a lot. as a monthly or weekly to do list.
  • The papers used are of really high quality which makes it easier to use even marker pens on it without bleeding to the other side.
  • The Undated options makes it easier to be used without date restrictions and such. You can just fill in whatever the date is and go crazy! :) 
  • There are attached lined notes section and these come in handy when you want to jot something down, or re-purpose the page into something else like a brain dump or goals page and so on. 
  • The website does not show the inner contents of the planner, so one can never really be sure what they are buying other than the outer cover.
  • They provide 150 sheets, and there is no option to buy refill sheets for the planner.
  • The week goes from Sunday to Monday and not Monday to Sunday. Although this seems trivial enough, the issues is that there are those that plan the whole weekend for a single event and like to have it together, 
  • Sitting down and having to date every date correctly is truly a hassle for me. 
  • It would be great if they add more pages, or offer refill sheets for sale
  • They ought to show the inner portions in detail on the website. 
  • The Sunday to Monday should be changed from Monday to Sunday
  • I do wish they offered a dated version, at least around the new year time.
  • Do start making planning stickers soon! A shop that sells name labels and such custom stickers should definitely sell planner stickers as well.
Rating: 3.5/5

Little Interesting Tid Bit: 
The word Cup-ik was actually the owner's daughters first word, as she was trying to say cupcake! (Yes, I went awwww too) 

What Else Do They Offer Planner/Stationery Lovers?: 
  • Notebook,
  •  Notepads, 
  • Magnetic List Pads, 
  • Note Sheets, 
  • Sketch Books which can double as scrapbooks 
Well this is it for now. If you have any questions, suggestions or post recommendations, make sure to leave a comment here or mail me at thebabblequeen@gmail.com or reach out on any of my social media platforms! 

Till then!

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