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How To Look As Gorgeous As Deepika Padukone From Tamasha, Bajirao Mastani etc.

If you have not been living under a rock, you probably have been following Deepika Padukone and her various looks as she has been appearing on screen and off screen. Her current makeup and fashion look has become something of a phenomenon. If you love Deepika, her makeup and style and want to recreate her look, or simply want to know how such looks are achieved, read on.

The basics of her look are five points-

1.       Flawless Base

Use a mixture of the best foundation that best suits your skin texture, and mix it with a light reflecting highlighter, like the Benefit Benetint, to give your skin the perfect flawless finish. Make sure that the shade is best suited to your skin tone, and do not attempt to look fairer than you already are.
My current foundation of choice is the L’Oreal Infallible 16HR Liquid foundation and Powder Compact in shade 150 Radiant Beige.

2.       Soft Contouring and flushed cheeks

Frankly, Contouring and highlighting is one aspect of makeup which I have not been able to master (yet). But it is evident in all of Deepika’s photos that her sharp features have been further chiselled using this technique. Her cheeks are also given a healthy flushed glow using a powder blush like Peachy Rose from Colorbar.

3.       Strong Eyebrows

Deepika has always had strong lush eyebrows, but recently they have gotten a little more filled in and stronger. Her eyebrows have been threaded to perfection, and then filled in with a dark brown, almost black, shadow or eyebrow gel and spoolied in place with brow wax.
To achieve a similar look, try using Revlon Eyebrow Pencil, or any dark brown powder eyeshadow and topped with clear eyebrow gel from The Body Shop. 

4.       Wide Eyes, with flirty lashes

Her eyes have certainly been the talking point of all the beauty world recently. Her no makeup eye makeup in the song Deewani Mastani especially has got everyone wondering how to get that doe eyed natural look.
It is not easy to look natural, is a true saying.
The look can be achieved by using a good makeup primer, a wash of light reflecting highlighter all over the eyelid, followed by a wash of a tan shade from upper lash line to the crease. Blend this into the crease using a light hand with a fluffy brush and light brown shade to add the required depth to the eye area. Use a matte finish liquid liner to line as close to the upper lash line as possible, and let dry. Use a skin colour (Or White) eye pencil on the lower waterline.
Slightly heat up your eyelash curler using a blow dryer, and curl your upper lashes well, and follow it with two coats of lengthening mascara. Use the same mascara on the bottom lash line if you prefer, otherwise leave it be.

5.       Pinkish Nude Lips

The only varying point which has been seen on Deepika are her lip colors. It has ranged from tan nude to nude pink and oxblood red all within Bajirao Mastani the movie itself. But the crowd pleaser has certainly been the warm subtle pink lips spotted on Mastani as well Deepika at various promo events.

An apt shade suggestion from my part is definitely the Colorbar fuchsia fix lipstick .
That is it for today folks! :)

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