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Head Over Heels- The Accessory Shop|Cochin Love

"HoH has gotten me endless amount of compliments, more queries than I can handle about where I shop for accessories from, and mainly, a place where I can go and I am actually spoiled for choices"

Cochin/Ernakulam has always been at the forefront of most developments in the state. It could even be considered as the district in the forefront of everything from food and culture to fashion,style and such. The much loved convent junction has always been the shopping street of choice, but it still offers shops that stock things in wholesale, with no regard for its style factor. But Panampilly Nagar and its array of boutiques and quaint little shops that stock handpicked items has become a blessing. My most favorites of this street definitely has to be Head Over Heels or HoH!

Description (According to Owners):
The very idea of HoH! was born from pure 'need'.The need of having a good store in Calicut to buy classy shoes at attractive prices.Shoe shopping is still an 'event' for people in the city and we are left with not many choices,but a Metro and Mochi where you have to spend a fortune and hence we most often wait FOREVER for them to host discount sales :P

HoH! brings with it a whole new concept of cheap and funky sandals for women.We also have urbane bags,Kurtas,stoles,wallets and accessories,ALL UNDER RS.499 ! A store truly dedicated to all the fashion addicts in the city !
The timeline:
2012: Shop opens in Calicut

2013: Second store started at Kannur
 2014 : On popular demand again,we opened our third store in Cochin :)

2016:  HoH Bag Stop,A shop exclusively for bags to start in Calicut in March
Also in  the works of starting door to door delivery

Price Range: INR 50-499

Personal Experience:
I am quite a lover for owning things that are in vogue and not usually spotted everywhere. And when you are in college, most girls have the capability to find the trend and sport it, usually in masses.So till HOH started up in Cochin, I've had to dig through endless amounts of accessories to find something which was in trend, but not commonly worn. HoH has gotten me endless amount of compliments, more queries than I can handle about where I shop for accessories from, and mainly, a place where I can go and I am actually spoiled for choices. The have a vast number of sandals of all price ranges, quality and style. They only have limited number of any item in stock, which I personally think is a good thing.I know I don't enjoy running to someone wearing exactly what I am wearing.

Favorite Aspect:
The fact that this is the venture of young women, and that it started more from their love for what they are selling, rather than in a purely business mentality always makes me love this shop a little more.
Since they are young entrepreneurs they obviously knew and recognize the need for online marketing and their online presence is always reliable if you want to ask for the price of something you loved on their page, the availability of a particular thing you may need, or simply to know whether they are open.
Things To Look Out For:

At this store, definitely keep yours eyes peeled for:

Stoles upon stoles in every possible pattern and colour imaginable!

The long chains are always worth having a look at! The patterns they have are usually very unique.

Currently Coveting: 
Every time I open up their Facebook page, they have posted something new which I would want for myself. This feathered chain is what I have been eyeing of late. I love how delicate and dreamcatcher like it is. 

Cochin: Inside Thousand Things, Next To Itty's, Main Avenue, Panampally Nagar,
Calicut: Next To League House, Tagore Hall Road
HoH Bag StopmCalicut : Next To John Miller, Cherootty Road(To be inaugurated)
Kannur: Shamina's Building, Near Jubilee Bazaar, Onden Road

Facebook, Instagram, +91 9995183008

Some Of My Favorite Purchases:

I hope this post was as fun to read as it was to write!

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