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Organizing Makeup In A Shelf/Cupboard


Although we all would love to organize our makeup in a "so chic" IKEA Alex cabinet, or the MALM Dressing table, like this,

I think the Godrej Iron Almirah is as Indian as piece of furniture can get and our parents are not going to let us chuck the "brand new", (Read: bought it right before you were born) Godrej iron Alimrah and you are instead forced to store your pretty makeup in what you've got.
Now that question of pretty looking vanity has been put behind you, there still remains the question of functionality.
How are you going to arrange the items so that you can see it easily?
How can you make sure not to forget any palettes/lipsticks in the midst of everything?
This is the part where I help you out:

Make sure to get hold of a few plastic see through boxes and 2-3 pen stands. I have been storing most of my makeup in this way for quite a long time now. Mind you, this article is for those whose makeup collection is not too big, yet you do have a sizable amount.

Follow these few tips to store your makeup stuff in a way that is sane and functional.

I also make sure to keep two makeup pouches handy in order for a quick getaway when I don't get sufficient time to get ready and want to throw in the necessities to get ready on my way. 

So how do YOU like to store your makeup in a cupboard?


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