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This 8 Step Tutorial Will Make You Look Like Sonakshi From Filmfare January 2016


Sonakshi Sinha has been slaying continuously via her Instagram account. When this image of her on the cover of Flimfare magazine popped up in my feed, I was immediately drawn by the makeup. Specifically the eye makeup. The gradient from olive green, to true blue, to navy blue is gorgeous and the pairing with nude lips are perfect for the bohemian look she had in the shoot. If you would like to know how I did this look, stick around!

Head to the end of the post for more pictures!

Products Used:

Step 1: Put in your hazel/honey colored contact lenses.

Step 2: Use your choice of makeup primer. Since I was out of mine, i decided to use my favorite concealer for this purpose. 

 Step 3: Use a matte highlighter underneath your brow bone, all the way down to your eyelid using a fluffy rounded brush. A matte highlighter is preferred since the rest of the makeup uses a lot of shimmery shades.

 Step 4: Use an olive green eye shadow with the help of a pencil brush in the inner 1/3rd of your upper eyelid, and the tear duct area. Take this up, a little bit in to the 1/3rd of your crease area as well.

 Step 5: Use a true blue shade of eyeshadow for the next 2/3 of your upper eyelid. Pat this on with a light hand, making sure to end it right where your lashline ends and not to extend it out, this comes in the next step.
 Step 6: Use a fluffy blender brush and a darker navy blue shade to extend and shape the outer v area of your upper eyelid. Make sure to blend this out really well.
 Step 7: Using the same pencil brush you used to apply the olive green color, take up the same shade and line the outer 1/3rd of your bottom lashline. Make sure to blend this in, to the blue upper eyelid shade, like so:
Step 8: Make sure to do your eye makeup before doing your face. Clean up your under eye area with a wet tissue, or a cotton pad dipped in makeup remover to get rid of all the glitter fall out that is sure to be there. Curl your lashes and apply oodles of mascara of your choice. Make sure to apply this well to your bottom lashes as well.  And voila! Your eye makeup is done.

Extra suggestions:

Pair this look with a flawless base makeup, a decent amount of bronzer and a lip color, preferably a liquid lipstick, in a nude shade that suits and warms your skin tone up, to get a final look, similar to this: 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial post which I have done after soooooooo long. I am just getting back into the swing of things, and will try to do more of such posts. 

until then! 

More Pictures:

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