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Lakme Black Satin Kajal-Review & Time Test+EOTD


" Jet black kajal for the blackest black delivery in just one stroke. Draw a sharp, intense line or smudge for a smoky finish. The easy-to-use pencil glides on super soft and smooth, with a glossy finish only satin can provide! Create bold and beautiful eyes with this water resistant formula that keeps color and shine in place without spreading." (Picture and Info Courtesy of Lakme Site)

 Price: Rs 150/-

Unbelievably gorgeous packaging with floral designs and well thought out too by the fact that it can be sharpened

Color And Formula:
Available only in one shade-Black and it is a Jet Black.It has a considerably hard consistency,but glides on smoothly.

Lasting Power 
To test out the lasting power i decided to wear the kajal out and mark the progress I had done an earlier post on the same thing-A test to try out how long the Lakme Black Satin Kajal Lasted,but i didnt make good on that as i lost my photos[Read:my brother thought it was unneeded and deleted them :'( ]. So  i decided to give it a go again and here is the run down.

Time Test Run-Down:

A thing to note is that i have EXTREMELY watery eyes and none of the liners last longer on my waterline.Many other bloggers claim that the same kajal lasted for 9-10 hours on their waterline with minimal smudging.This is purely my experience

You can see that the Kajal is pretty intense when first applied and it does not sting your eyes or anything at all.

Then after 1 hour,it is still pretty much the same,No fading or anything.

After nearly 3 hours,it starts to lose its intensity and starts to transfer to bottom lashline too.

After 4 hours,the kajal has only traces of its presence left.
At approximately 4.30 hours later,there is no evidence of the kajal other than the slightly darkened bottom lashline.

So to Sum It up it lasted for maximum 4 hours on my waterliner.But it lasted for a whole lot longer time when i used it as a base and topped it with Matte Black shadow in my Urumi Look Here (Click to see info and how to achieve the look)

So My OverAll View is that it is a really good intense black kajal that lasts longer and smudges lesser than the usual ones i have used till now and will remain a favorite till i find a better one.

Rating is 4.5/5(0.5 for being a bit on the smudgy side)

Whew! That was a Looooong Post.If you have read till now-Thanks and Love Ya!! :) :)
Buh-Bye For Now!

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