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ColorBar USA Single Eyeshadow Review-Spicy Brown,Purple Passion

           The Eye Shadow is a pigmented powder that gives the eyes a shine and pearl-like effect. Ultra fine in texture, it is easy to blend while its moisturizing agent keeps your eyelids soft and smooth. This product is long lasting and fade resistant. The Eye Shadow is available in 8 colors including Gorgeous Gold, Copper Crush, Spicy Brown, Really Rose,  Expensive Pink, Green Stroke, Aqua Marine and Black Tie.

Price:Rs 225/-


Shades:All the shades looks super pretty and they seemed to be named kinda like MAC shadows.But only 8 colors are featured on the site yet colors like Brownie,Midnight Blue and Smokey Grey  are actually there.

Spicy Brown:  Its a Rich Mahogany Brown with teeny tiny golden shimmer in there.

 Purple Passion: Its the Most gorgeous rich purple with multicolored tiny shimmer particles

 The sleek silver packaging is very cute and perfectly sized too.Many of the other bloggers say that the mirror is useless,but i find it apt for quick touch-ups.

Its a Powder shadow which is the best consistency-not too powdery and not too hard either.It doesn't give much Fall out either.

Staying Power:
This is one of the most long lasting eyeshadow i have ever used.Go here to see how it lasts for almost 4-5 hours and still looks pretty fresh with just foundation underneath it.

Finish:Both i own are very satiny and have shimmer but it is very fine and goes on Super Smooth!

Value For Money:
At Rs 225/- for 3g of product at this quality,this is like a beginner makeup addict dream come true

Any Bad Comments:
The shades I own are Spicy Brown and Purple Passion.but its not featured on the site and the shade Purple Passion seems just the same as Proud Purple I saw on IVC,but i don't know why it has been renamed differently.I would also like to mention that the ColorbarUSA site is not updated usually and thats kind of a turn-off.

Final Thoughts :
I LOVE these shadows!!!

4.75/5(-0.25 for the renaming and site not updated)

Will I Repurchase This?:
Yes!! But Sad Part is that Colorbar stuff is not available here in kerala.I bought spicy brown in a blogsale on IMBB and Rati bought me the Purple Passion shadow too.I really want to purchase more shades.But Alas!! I hope they open up shop in Kerala soon.Now i am on the verge of deciding whether or not to order from the site-but i am reluctant.

Would I Recommend This?:
Hell Yes!! If you are the lucky few who get Colorbar Get 'em.They wont Disappoint You.! I guarantee..:P :P

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