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Sonam Kapoor, Freida Pinto at Homesman Preview

And, we are starting to get what we want!

Sonam Kapoor, and Freida Pinto attended the Homesman preview yesterday night and oh,how they did! I was so excited to see Sonam's red carpet appearence, I stayed up at night, just to go through @Namratasoni's instagram feeds.

So, Don't you want to see more of these looks?

Freida wore an Oscar De La Renta Gown, which looked pretty great, but honestly, it just did not seem like my cup of tea. Although it is pretty, I think that it just seemed too lopsided at times.

I did love her accessories though, the pretty cuff and the inteeeeeeeeeresting earrings. I was seriously obsessing over the earrings when i saw them.

When it comes to the hair and makeup though, I think it was a tad too harsh. The heavy brows, the smoked eyes and the severe nude lips, although sounds great on the paper, it doesn't look that exceptional.
Even if I did not like the makeup, here is a look breakdown. Just because I love you guys..(and just because I got it on the L'Oreal Newsfeed..)
I am let down by the fact that they did such a dramatic smokey eyes and still does not feature the products they used on it. Big Bummer. Maybe they only let us know about the products from L'Oreal they used on her and probably used some other higher end brands for the rest of her makeup.

Now, Sonam Kapoor. Where do I start?
She can essentially deliver everything we want from her and more! I mean, did you see this video of her making her way down?!

I mean, look!Look how pretty! The way the dress shimmers and sparkles, and the way with which she carries herself down! Oh, to be that glamorous.. <3 p="">

Now, her dress, that was pure amazement. She wore an Elie Saab couture gown, of course! and paired them with chopard jewels.

Her makeup was kept fresh and gorgeous, paired with a nice rose shaded lipstick. I think the shade is probably "Lincoln Rose" from the L'Or Moist Mat range.

Her hair was also kept very glamorous, hollywood style. It almost looked like finger waves, but achieved with heated tongs, probably.

Although her look does seems perfect, I feel like she could do more. I may just be prejudiced since I know the level she can go to, considering last year's Dolce and Gabanna dress, but still, I cant help but hope for more! :P

*Update,just got the look breakdown from L'Oreal and turns out the lipstick is Raspberry Syrup..

All right, that's it for now!
I am gonna go back to History of English Literature for now!
Au Revoir!!
Images: Zimbio

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