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Aishwarya Rai Cannes Day 2 Makeup look Tutorial

               Top 2 pictures-Aishwarya Rai's Makeup.Bottom One-My Recreation

I am an avid Aishwarya Rai Bachan fan and even though i criticize her harsh makeup sometimes,I am still a big Ash Fan.I didn't Care much for her Cannes 2011 Day 1 Elie Saab Dress or Makeup.But i did love the Armani Prive dress she wore and i Loved that she went kinda nuts with her eye makeup!!What with me being Eye makeup addicted,I had to try and recreate it and surprisingly it looks pretty good!!

Now Onto The Tutorial!!

Things i Used:

Now Onto The Tutorial:



Note:I know that Gold in her undereye is lighter.But This was the only gold i had.If you have a lighter one,By All means use that!!

I also Tried out what would suit the lips and i got the combo perfect too!! I used Loreal Made For Me Naturals Lipstick Brunette In Sepia and then topped it with Loreal 6H Lipgloss in Forever Nude(The Combo looked Spot on like what Ash is wearing.I even took a picture with flash and it looked just like Ash's.I wish i could show you a lipswatch,but i aint allowed! Sorry!).The Blush seems like the run of the mill shimmery warm pink blush and i suggest Colorbar Peachy Rose.

Now Here are Some More Photos Of Ash From The Redcarpet! How Gorgeous is that Dress?!I love it!!Its Armani Prive.I Like it way more than the first day Elie Saab Dress.This one is so much more flattering.(Click To Enlarge:Photos From Google Images-If you own it,its Yours!)

Thats it For Now!
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Buh-Bye !
Fath!ma <3

P.S.*One Of The Products Mentioned Was Provided By PR For Consideration.

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