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Eye Makeup Inspired By Marie Claire India June 2011

I saw this really pretty look while flipping through the pages of Marie Claire India,and i really wanted to try it out just for fun.The Look was based on the "Rock-A-Bella" theme featuring smouldering smokey eye looks.Makeup by Chandni Singh.
What really drew me to this look was its Dramatic Effect.It is tagged as "Two To Tango-If you cant do without eyeliners,this might just be what you want to complete your smokey eyes look.Add a sweep of dark brown eyeshadow to perfectly outlined eyes." 
This is the original look(Click to see closer):
and this is my take:

Products Used:
So...................What do you guys think of this makeup look?!!
I Know that this look is kind of similar to my Urumi Genelia Inspired look,might be the eyeliner-but i used just Kajal and black eyeshadow for that look to line my eyes.But i used liquid liner to line my eyes in this look.Whatever be,i love this look!! I know its nowhere as pretty as the picture,but i sure do love it!!
Lemme Know what YOU think...
Buh-Bye For Now!

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